Account Information

This page provides information and links relating to all aspects of the operation of a TattsBet Account. For information about a specific area, select from the following:

Queries and Error Claims

To ensure security and accuracy for customers in the event of a query, all calls to UBET Account Betting are recorded and investments made on the TattsBet website are logged. All claims concerning any transaction over the phone or through the internet on the TattsBet website should be directed to UBET Account Betting 13 82 38  or 1800 823 888.

Security of Account Details

TattsBet takes the security and privacy of your Account details seriously. We will NEVER request your security information, i.e. password, security code, etc. through emails. Passwords are not kept in readable format and hence are only known to you, the account holder.

To avoid unauthorised use of your account, do not disclose details of your account number, security code or internet password to other people. If your account card is lost or stolen, please notify UBET Accounts immediately by phone on 13 82 38 or 1800 823 888.

Change of Address

If you change your address or other details, you need to notify UBET in writing or via e-mail. Click Contact US at bottom of screen for details.

Placing Betting Limits

You can place limits on the amounts you bet in a day, a week, or a month.

To place limits on your Account, contact a UBET Accounts Supervisor by phone on 13 82 38 or 1800 823 888, or by email to

Note: Limits can only be placed by the Account owner and relaxation of limits requires one week's notice in writing.


You can request details of your account activity by contacting us by phone on 13 82 38 or 1800 823 888, or by email to