Sport Betting Ticket

Once you have logged in and selected SPORT, the blank Sport Betting Ticket is shown.

To make a bet, select the required Sport and league or tournament and then from the grid of available bet offers, select your bet.

You can type the PROP. NUMBER (viewable by hovering your mouse over an offer) directly into the ticket and click the + icon

Alternatively, select your preferred bet from the grid, which automatically enters the name of the selected team or player, the date the event will be held, and the $1 bet fixed price dividend for the selection.

You then enter your investment amount and click PLACE BET.

The bet is sent to the system and, assuming all criteria are valid, details of your accepted bet are displayed

To confirm the bet, click CONFIRM BET

Note: Be sure to check all bet details before confirming.

Alternatively, you can continue to select bets and build a list.

Once a list of selections is started, the CALCULATE COMBOS button is active.

Selecting this button opens a new page in the main section that displays your selections and gives you the option of proceeding with single bets on your selections or investing in a combination bet or both single and combination bets.

For information about combination bets, see the Combination Calculator page.