Sports Combo Calculator

When you make multiple sports and/or racing bet selections, the CALCULATE COMBOS button in the Betting Ticket becomes available. To purchase your bets, click CALCULATE COMBOS. The Fixed Price Combination Calculator page opens.


Note: If there are any exclusions, these are shown at the top of the page. In the example, the selection of the 2010 World Cup winner is a single bet only and therefore is not included in the possible combinations.

The four single selections are shown with the $1.00 bet dividend. Enter your Stake amount for each bet.

In the example, the possible combinations from the selections is one Treble and 3 Doubles. If you want to bet on some or all of these combinations, enter your Stake amount.

Note: Four (4) or less selections allow combinations of a Quadrella, Trebles and Doubles, Five (5) or more selections allow for a multiple leg All-Up bet. For details on actual combinations, see the Fixed Price Racing All-Up page.

You can then confirm your bets by selecting PLACE BET! or, if you want to make changes, return to your betting Ticket by clicking Reconsider Selections.

When you click PLACE BET! a warning screen opens. If you wish to proceed, click OK.

The bets are sold into the system and a Response page displays. Bets accepted by the system are marked as SOLD. Where relevant, bets that have not been accepted are shown as NOT SOLD with an explanation of the reason for the bet not being sold.