Hints and Tips

  • Listen to a demonstration of UBET Automated Account Betting before using it the first time
  • Write your bets down before calling
  • Speak naturally and clearly. UBET Automated Account Betting works best if you call your bet in one sentence without pauses.
  • Always listen to the prompts carefully and answer the questions asked. For example, when asked "What's the Meeting?" only give the meeting but if the prompt asks "What's the bet?" you can give the whole bet.
  • When you hear UBET Automated Account Betting ask "First bet please" call your bet based on the Recommended Call Order
  • Try to avoid "ums" and "ahs"
  • If there is a problem, say "Start again", "Cancel" or "Operator"

Note: You can also use the meeting code or meeting location when calling a bet. For example: "ST race 1 number 8 one dollar a win" OR "Sydney trots race 1 number 8 one dollar a win"

Placing More than One Bet on the Same Race

If your bets are on the same race, after confirming each bet you can go straight to the next bet, without repeating the meeting and race number. UBET Automated Account Betting will understand this is your intention and copy the meeting and race number from the previous bet.

If Your Selection is Scratched

If one of your selections is scratched, UBET Automated Account Betting will tell you and ask for the selections again. If you don't want the bet, say "Cancel".

Or you can call all your selections again with or without a replacement selection.

Bet Call Back

Listen carefully when UBET Automated Account Betting calls your bet back.
When asked "Is that right?", to confirm whether the bet is correct, you can say "Yes" or "OK" or "No" or "Repeat bet"

  • If you say "Yes" or "OK", the bet will be sent to the system and, if the bet has been successful, UBET Automated Account Betting will respond with "Bet sold" .
  • If you say "No" (and nothing else), UBET Automated Account Betting will prompt you for the bet then call it back again when the bet is complete. Listen to the prompts carefully and only say what is asked for. If it asks "What's the bet?" you can call the whole bet again in one sentence. But if it asks "What's the meeting?" only give the meeting. If your "No" is not recognised, please immediately say "operator".
  • If you say "Repeat bet", the bet will be called back again.
Start Again / Cancel

If you make a mistake or experience any problems while calling your bet, just say "Start again" or "Cancel". UBET Automated Account Betting will then prompt you for the bet again.

Correcting a Bet

When asked to confirm the bet, you can also say "No it was Eagle Farm" or "No it was race 3" or "No it was numbers 3 and 7" or "No it was 2 dollars each way". Make sure you say this without pausing after the word "No". The changed bet will then be called back and you will be asked to confirm it again.

Transferring to an Operator

If you have a number of problems placing a bet, UBET Automated Account Betting will automatically transfer you to an operator. Or you can say "operator" during any part of your call and you will be connected to an operator.

At End of Call

When you have called all your bets you can say "All bets", or "That's all" and you will be advised of your All Bets total.