Place a Sports bet

The following example shows how to place a Sports bet on a Soccer match.

To place a Sports bet

  1. Click SPORTS on left-hand menu
  2. From the SPORTS menu, select the required sport. (Soccer)
  3. From the Soccer sub menu, select the required League.

  5. A list of matches in the selected league displays.

  7. Common bet types are shown in the grid with current offer prices for each bet listed below.
  8. A description of the bet type(s) and the rule(s) used for payment are shown below each listing.
  9. Where offered, additional markets offered on the match can be viewed by clicking the expand button next to the match name.

  11. To expand each market, click the relevant expand button. To expand all additional markets, click Expand All.
  12. To make a simple bet on the Result bet type, click the offer amount for a Home or Away win or a draw.
  13. The bet is automatically entered in your betting TICKET. (Assuming you are logged in)

    Note:Alternatively, you can point at the offer and a tool-tip with the Offer ID displays. Make a note of this Offer ID and enter it into the OFFER NUMBER field of your TICKET.
  15. Enter the required bet stake in the INVESTMENT section of the ticket

  17. Click PLACE BET.
  18. The bet details display.

  20. If you are happy that this is the bet you want to place, click CONFIRM BET.

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