Cancelling Racing Bets

You can cancel most bets up to 40 minutes prior to advertised race start time.

Bets placed within forty (40) minutes of the advertised race start time may only be cancelled if:

  1. Betting with UBET Account Betting, either:
    1. During the phone call in which those bets are placed, the details of your betting, which is 'called back' by the UBET Account Betting operator, is not what you had requested, or,
    2. The 'All Bets Total' dollar amount called back by the TattsBet Account Betting operator indicates a discrepancy with your request.
  2. Betting in a UBET & TAB Retail Outlet: In the event of an error, you present your ticket at the same retail outlet within five (5) minutes of the time of issue. UBET staff will accommodate genuine errors in these circumstances, but will not tolerate repeated occurrences by a customer. Bets cannot be cancelled once the race has commenced.

UBET Automated Account Betting

If, after completing and confirming your UBET Automated Account Betting bets and hanging up, you realise you have made a genuine mistake, you can ring UBET Account Betting immediately on 13 82 38  to cancel. Cancellation is at the discretion of UBET Account Betting.

TattsBet Website

Bets placed over the Internet cannot be cancelled.

Transferred Meetings

Tote and final field fixed price race bets that have been placed before the announcement of a thoroughbred race meeting transfer to another venue or to a different track surface at the same venue can be cancelled on request.

  • Retail customers can make their cancellation request via an operator in any retail venue
  • Account customers can make their cancellation request by calling 13 82 38

Cancellation is optional and any bets not cancelled will stand as valid bets.