Meeting Codes

Meeting Codes are two letter codes determined by the racing type and location (State, Territory or Country) in which they are held. The first letter is the location and the second the type of racing (e.g. R=Gallops, T=Harness, G=Greyhounds. In addition colour codes are also used to further assist in identifying racing meetings.

The following table shows the Location code and colours that are used.

Location Code and Colour   Location
B Meetings   Q Meetings   E Meetings   C Meetings   Queensland
S Meetings   N Meetings   C Meetings   O Meetings   New South Wales
M Meetings   V Meetings   E Meetings   O Meetings   Victoria
A Meetings   South Australia
P Meetings   C Meetings   Western Australia
T Meetings   Tasmania
D Meetings   X Meetings   Northern Territory
C Meetings   A.C.T.
Z Meetings   N Meetings   New Zealand
O Meetings   Hong Kong
E Meetings   England
F Meetings   France
P Meetings   Japan
A Meetings   South Africa
S Meetings   Singapore
I Meetings   International
Please Note: All Overseas Gallop meetings use the 'S' code. 
For example: ES for England, FS for France, etc.