Odds and Offers

When you access the Runners page for a Race, three columns of Odds and (where offered) 2 columns of  fixed price offer Prices for each Runner are shown.


All returns are shown for a $1 bet. For example, a $10 bet on a winning horse would return $24 if the win dividend was $2.40.

The Tote columns show current pari-mutuel Tote Win and Place odds. This is the return that is calculated for the runner to win or run a place in the race.

Pari-mutuel odds are determined by the size of the pool and the relative weight of betting on each runner. The dividend you receive for a winner is equal to the final odds determined when the race starts.

Tip: When the Win or Place odds for a runner show a down arrow icon , this indicates that the odds on the runner have decreased since the last update. This is known as shortening. If the odds for the runner do not continue decreasing after the next update the icon is removed.

Odds for the shortest priced runner or favourite are displayed in white on a red background.

The Previous Odds column, (located immediately to the left of the Tote Win column), displays the Win odds that were shown in the Tote Win column 5 or 10 minutes ago. The column is headed with the actual time of the previous win odds and provides a handy guide to see how the odds change for the each runner, especially as the start of a race approaches.

The Fixed Price columns show current Win and Place prices for fixed price offers. These prices are set by the book managers and are changing all the time as they adjust their prices based on betting activity, however the dividend you receive for a winner is the price that is shown when your bet is accepted.