Track Conditions

The current track condition is shown on the right hand side of the panel situated under the Meeting name and code.


The following table describes the meaning of each possible track condition.

Type Condition
Fast A very dry track that produces fast race times
Good A track that is not as hard as a fast track, but suits all runners
Dead A track that is recovering from rain. Will affect the chances of many runners.
Slow A track that is still wet and/or muddy from rain
Heavy A heavily rain-affected track. This is the worst track condition and will produce slow race times.
Soft Usually applied to New Zealand races - this means the same as SLOW.
Sand The track has a sand surface, which can be very forgiving on runner's feet but does not suit some runners

If the Track Condition shows in yellow, this means that the track condition has changed (for this race) during the raceday.

Track Rating

A Track Rating may also appear along side the Track Condition in brackets. The definition of the ratings can vary from track to track, however generally the scale of the Track Rating System is:

Rating Type Condition
1 Fast Dry and hard, firmer than a Good Track
2 Good Firm track with a reasonable grass coverage, on the fast side of good
3 Good Track with a good grass coverage and cushion. Ideal track, heading towards dead.
4 Dead Track with a small amount of give in it. Shouldn't affect any chances although on the worse side of good.
5 Dead Track with a reasonable amount of give in it. On the better side of slow and on the worse side of dead.
6 Slow Not a badly affected track, but will suit some horses more than others. Just worse than dead and into the slow range.
7 Slow More rain-affected track that will chop up. On the better side of heavy.
8 Heavy Soft track that horses will get into but not necessarily too wet
9 Heavy Softer track getting towards soggy. Genuinely Heavy.
10 Heavy Very soft and wet track. Heaviest category

If the Track Rating shows in yellow, this means that the track rating has changed (for this race) during the raceday.