Sports Results

The Sports/FootyTAB Search page allows you to search for the results of Sports and FootyTAB events completed on a selected date.


To Search Sports


  1. Select the Sports option.
  2. From the Select a sport drop down list, select the required Sport.
  3. From the Search Type drop down list, select whether you want to search by Description or Offer Number(s).

  5. Enter a bet type description or offer number.
  6. From the Date drop down list, select whether you want to search results for the last 24 Hours, 7 Days, 30 Days, or a specific date range.

  8. If you selected to view by date range, From and To fields display

  10. Select the date range you want to search within.
  11. Click Search.
  12. A list of all events that meet your search criteria displays.

To Search FootyTAB


  1. Select the FootyTAB option.
  2. A list of FootyTAB dates for the current year displays.

  4. If required, select a different year.
  5. Select the required date.
  6. Full FootyTAB results for the selected date display.