What is Sports Betting

UBET offers the excitement of sports and the thrill of backing a winner with Sports Betting.

UBET Sports betting allows you to place a bet at a fixed dividend that is confirmed when your bet is placed. This means that even if the price changes after your bet is confirmed, your dividend for a winner is fixed at the confirmed price.

UBET offers a number of fixed price betting options on a range of sports, which cater for the needs of every sports fan. UBET Sports betting allows you to bet on your favourite sport from all corners of the globe.

New sports and bet types are being added all the time, so keep an eye on the UBET website for the latest offers.

All-In Betting/No Refunds

Betting is all-in. This means if a competitor or team in a sporting event is scratched, withdrawn, disqualified or balloted out from the event, this is referred to as an eliminated selection. No refund is made on eliminated selections.

The only exception is if an event is declared a "non-event" in which case bets placed on the event will be refunded. This is usually because an event could not take place within three days of the scheduled starting time.